Anna & Sonny – Barrhead Equine Photography

Blog-Collage-1395950756880Meet Anna & Sonny –  Adventurers extraordinaire.  Friends forever.

Anna and her horse Sonny make such a wonderful pair and I couldn’t have asked for a better winter afternoon to capture a part of their relationship while visiting them up in Barrhead. I’ve had the privilege of knowing and riding alongside these two for a couple years at Wilderness Ranch.  They are such a honest and real team, never pretending to know it all but always up for a challenge and a chance to learn new things.

I’ve had Sonny Boy for nearly 7 years. He’s an unregistered Quarter Horse and will be 10 this year (I bought him as a 3 yr old). I think my favourite thing about him is that he’s so willing to try things even if I seem crazy.

I love the many memories I have with Anna & Sonny… going for a bareback moonlit ride, riding to the top of the ridge to watch the sun rise, playing the game British Bulldog, swimming (or trying to), many relaxing trail rides and some not so relaxing trail rides…   it is never a dull moment when with Anna!  

 Anna,  I am so thankful for your love of horses and how it helped to bring us together.  I hope we may have many, many more years making new  memories and lovin’ our horses together.


Blog-Collage-1395950978912I must also introduce Kipper, Anna’s loyal dog and ever present side kick. Blog-Collage-1395951030125Blog-Collage-1395951215152Blog-Collage-1395951238815Blog-Collage-1395951341485Blog-Collage-1395951437261Blog-Collage-1395951494007Blog-Collage-1395951527762


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