A little life update…

Hello friends!

Time for a news update: if you haven’t heard already… we’ve moved!! Craig and I are no longer in the Millet area, and are now on a farm west of Lacombe/Ponoka. I had no idea how much work moving is; to anyone out there who has or will be moving, I empathize with you on the big job! Thankfully the excitement of setting up a new home (I’m loving getting to paint and decorate the new place) helps balance out the less exciting work of cleaning, unpacking and organizing the new home.

Because of these big changes in my life (and how quickly everything has happened – less than 6 months ago I had no idea we would be where we are now) I have days of feeling overwhelmed with everything I need to do (or think I need to do) … in my personal life, on the farm, and in my photography business. I’m learning through this process that I need to give myself a little more grace and lower the expectations I put on myself. I know that I want to continue with my photography business – but have come to realize I need to cut back in certain areas. I am no longer accepting any new weddings and will take only limited number of family sessions. This way I can focus on and develop my Equine Photography. I would like to give a huge shout out to all my current clients and thank them for being so wonderful and patient with me through this all!

And to finish off this life update of mine, I’d like to share with you two of my favorite pictures of Craig & I that we recently had taken.  <3 It has been a very busy couple of years for Craig and I, topped off with this recent big decision and process of moving. So I wanted to get these pictures of us taken to commemorate the end of our life in Millet and the start of our next adventure. To have a visual reminder for myself that despite the difficulties and challenges we’ve faced, we are soo very blessed!!

I’m thankful to have this farming life of ours, filled with cows horses and prairie skies;
I’m thankful to have Craig by my side, his positive outlooks and encouraging support;
I’m thankful for photographs, and the beauty and meaning it can bring to our lives;
I’m thankful to have Jesus in my life and his unending love and grace for me!


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