February 2016 – calendar story

Miriam Cameron Photography - calendar story 2

Silhouettes.  I’ve always liked photographing silhouettes, but make it a horse peeking in with his ears perked and mane flowing in the wind, and I LOVE the silhouette in this image.  Add in some subtle trees silhouetted in the background. And top it off with some beautiful clouds painted in the blue sky!  Being a unique combination of many elements I enjoy, it was an easy choice for me to include this image in my calendar.

But as I write up the story for this image, I am hit with another thought about this image.  Tears fill my eyes, and I’m flooded with a mix of heartache and hope.   I’m struck with how I never thought about this last year as I put the calendar together, yet now this photograph has such a deeper meaning for me:

This isn’t just any horse or any ordinary month, and those silver lined clouds now point to heaven.   This is ‘Little Pal’ who was Danny’s horse; and February is the month that Danny passed away.  And so as we come to the 2 year anniversary of losing Danny, its special to me that I can honor and remember my father-in-law in another little way now with this image.  <3

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