May 2016 – calendar story

Miriam Cameron Photography - calendar story 5

Sweet Home Alabama…  where the skies are so blue!

This image was taken during  a trip to visit a good friend of mine, Heather.  She was doing one of her optometry practicums at a clinic near Mobile, Alabama.  So along with anther friend of ours, Sam, we decided to take advantage of her unique location and go visit; it was such a great weekend!

Besides the overwhelming heat and humidity, one of the first things I noticed when we stepped out of the airport was all the trees!  This photograph was of a magnificent Magnolia tree.

Enjoy a few more images from my trip to Alabama last year:Taking the ferry across the bottom of Mobile Bay.  We got to go swimming in the Gulf of Mexico!

Took a ‘Delta Safari’ boat tour – learned all about the delta region’s plants, birds, and wildlife.

Touring downtown Mobile

This is the front lawn of the condo Heather stayed at – talk about an amazing view!  We could just walk out the door, hop in the kayaks and float on down the river.One of her neighbors in the condo kindly lent us his crab trap and told us all about catching crabs.  We never caught any crabs big enough to keep but it was fun anyways.

That same neighbor invited us into his home for supper one evening and to watch the Belmont Stakes horse race.  And American Pharaoh won, making him win the Triple Crown!!  So fun to be able to watch and celebrate that race while in the States.  

The view from the dock out front of Heather’s place. 

Have I mentioned I love trees?! :D

Such a great trip, catching up with friends and making new memories <3  Thanks Heather & Sam!

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