April 2017 – calendar story

Remember that plank yard fence I mentioned in February’s calendar story?  Well here it is again.  I really do like the view from my yard!  This photo includes 2 of my favorite equines – brothers Chinook & Breeze.  Back lit sunset shining through the trees on handsome Mr Breeze at the wood gate  – an equine photographers dream!

(also, did anyone notice my redneck gate latch? *blush*  yeah that’s good ol’ baler twine.  But, I’m happy to say that after much searching I finally found the gate latch I was looking for… and that gate now boasts a good looking and even better functioning metal gate latch!)

Enjoy more images from this evening below :)

To see more images and story of my photobombing pets visit this blog post with my photobombing dog & cat.

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