June 2017 – calendar story

Chickens! I don’t like to refer to myself as a crazy chicken lady, as I know other people who are much more attached and in love with their chickens than I am…  But I guess compared to many of you, I could be considered a chicken lady.  This here is one of my handsome roosters I raised from a chick last year.  Perched in the window of our beloved old chicken coop (which was featured in last August’s calendar story as well)

Enjoy more photos and video of my chickens below (from my phone, excuse some of the quality)

(sorry can’t figure out how to rotate this video… you needed to tilt you head and stretch your neck anyways right? :P )

everyone loves watermelon!



I got a silkie chick and she cracks me up, such a funny character



Look at how colorful my eggs are getting!


and first successful time letting broody hens hatch some eggs – so exciting!!


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