July 2017 – calendar story


eeek – donkey ears   ♥  one day I will have a cute donkey hanging around.  Till then, I will enjoy every opportunity of visiting other donkeys.

This pair of donkey ears belongs to a lil guy named ‘Ting’ who lives at the Kraay Family Farm.  His name comes from the song: “Tingalayo, Come little donkey, come…”   I just listened to that song before writing up this #mcp_calendarstory and now I have that goofy, catchy kid’s song playing around in my head.

If you want to meet Ting this summer, stop by the Kraay Family Farm.  In addition to visiting Ting and so many of his other furry and feathered friends (see photos below) the Kraay’s also have an awesome variety of fun activities and are home to the famous Lacombe Corn Maze – go check them out!

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